We first launched Fuzel Collage as a simple tool to create photo collages in 2012. The app was quite limited back then, with only a few options for decorating your photos. Over time, Fuzel Collage evolves enormously thanks to your constant feedback.

Since then, we have come a long way: more than 5 millions users enjoy playing with their photos, creating thousands of beautiful photos & collages with Fuzel Collage everyday.

With Christmas blowing in the air, we’d like to take this opportunity and present some gifts we have specially prepared as our “Thanks” to you :

For iOS users


Since the release of Fuzel Collage, there have been countless requests for tutorials on how to create beautiful photo collages. But tutorials are boring.Instead of making you sit through 10-min video, we decided to do something much more fun: the Fuzel Challenge.

What is Fuzel Collage

Every week, you’re presented with a few different collages. Your task: simply recreate them. The challenge collages are hand-picked by our team, so that each of them help you learn different techniques in making better collages in general. For each “100% matched” collage, you will be rewarded with credits!

How to join

  1. Launch Fuzel Collage
  2. In Home screen, tap on the 1st big banner “Challenge”
  3. Read through each week’s brief, then Join Challenge
  4. Browse the collage you want to recreate, then start


Challenge collages may use old or new decor packages. If you haven’t got those packages, they will be available to you for free during the challenge session. You will also need to sign in with Facebook to join Challenge, otherwise we won’t be able to reward you with credits.

Please upgrade iO8 and install Fuzel Collage 3.3 to be able to join Fuzel Challenge and access to all the newest packages.

As for Android users


As we announced earlier this week, Fuzel Collage has finally come to Google Play, and with it, there are 2 very special gifts we have prepared for Early Access users:

1. Sign up today with Fuzel & receive 150 free credits to download decoration packages!

2. Another special, one-time offer during this Early Access period: instead of buying credits at the normal price, you can save up to 75% and get 1,500 credits (that’s over 30 packages!) at just $3.99!

You can download the app here:


And one more thing…


Last but not least, all Winter & Xmas packages are on SALE until the 25th, so get them now while promotion lasts. These decorations are a great way to make your holiday photos even more colorful!

Once again, thank you for supporting us. We hope you will enjoy our gifts, and have a happy holiday!

The NAB Team