In 3.0, many features were improved and changed to accommodate a more enjoyable collage making experience. To help new (and old!) users understand the app better, we’re starting a new tips series that cover both the basics, and advanced techniques in Fuzel Collage.

Today, let’s start with 2 of the most-asked questions: “Animated Collage” & “Photo Editor”. Watch the video below:

You can read on for step-by-step instructions, or you can tap here to go back to the app.

Animated Collage

After you have picked photos, choose “Animated” in Templates

Besides the usual tools, Animated Collage lets you pick Music, adjust Duration, and add Watermark.

Music: you can pick from 5 default songs, or add your own music from iTunes. If you use your own music, you can adjust the starting point by tapping on the icon.

Photo Editor

Tap on “Effects” to add photo effects

Tap on the image you want to edit, then tap on the lower right corner’s icon to enter the Photo Editor.

Experiment with several different options: Flip, Lighting, Color, Sharpen, Vignette

That’s it for now! More tips will be available soon. Do let us know about which tutorials you want  in the comment below. Have a great day!

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